Ashley's Wishlist

Fanlistings I would love to own!

Wishlist Still Under Heavy Construction!!
Updated July 16, 2016

Here's a list of fanlistings that I would love to own! There are a few that I would lose my mind over, and those are Priority 1's. Also indicated next to the listings are times I have applied for the listing and been rejected, as indicated by (x1) meaning I have been rejected after applying 1 time. Thanks for looking! c: (Want to see what wishes I have had granted to me?)


Priority 01.) Tom Hardy
Priority 02.) Jensen Ackles, Stephen Amell, Gerard Butler, Misha Collins, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling, Charlie Hunnam, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zachary Quinto, Norman Reedus, Liev Schreiber, Jason Statham, Karl Urban


Priority 01.) Mila Kunis
Priority 02.) Maggie Smith, Catherine Zeta-Jones


Priority 01.)
Priority 02.)

Anime & Manga

Priority 01.) Loveless, Naruto
Priority 02.)


Priority 01.) Final Fantasy VIII (x1), Final Fantasy IX (x1), Final Fantasy X-2 (x1), Final Fantasy XII (x1)
Priority 02.)

Games: Characters

Priority 01.) Rinoa Heartilly, Beatrix
Priority 02.)


Priority 01.) Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Priority 02.)